Education Services

Child Psychology Sussex offers a psychological assessment and therapeutic support service to Independent schools, state primary and secondary schools and Specialist Educational Provisions. We have the experience and knowledge to offer support at a variety of levels from 0-18 years and can work in 1-to-1 settings with children or staff, with groups, or with the whole education system.

We can provide a service to schools to assist with identified children who are presenting challenging behaviour or other concerns. You do NOT need a CAF to access our services, but simply refer with parental consent. During a first meeting the concerns will be further discussed with the SENco, tutor/teacher and parents if appropriate.

Depending on the situation, a child-observation and assessment may be undertaken in order to offer a psychological opinion on a child or young person, to verify a diagnosis made following consultation or to provide support directly to the child or young person and staff at school. Upon the assessment a summary report will be provided that will be fully discussed with staff (and parents if appropriate). This report will include a formulation and recommendations, which can be implemented and supported by further consultancy if required.

Alternatively, we can offer further consultancy support or training to staff, including education managers, tailored to the specific needs of the educational organisation. Such support may be aimed at developing better understanding of specific child mental health problems; teaching basic counselling techniques; exploring and addressing unexamined rules, assumptions, ways of working and communicating in the organisation; and mobilising innovative potential and resources to help facilitate and embed change in the organisation.

Confidential individual coaching for staff can also be made available to address career challenges, and develop strategies that enable staff to achieve their professional and organisational goals.

Once you have made a referral we can discuss the most appropriate intervention. Please get in touch for further information on this service or to make a referral.