Looked After Children

‘Looked After Children’ have been identified nationally as a group of infants, children and adolescents whose mental health needs are much greater than those of the general population as the result of their early life experiences. Many of these children are affected by trauma, struggle forming and/or maintaining relationships, lack resilience and constructive coping strategies.

Dr Esmoreit Sleyster has extensive experience of working with the mental health and well-being needs of this very vulnerable and complex population, and all of the specialist services Child Psychology Sussex provides are informed by ‘attachment’ theory and practise. In addition Dr Esmoreit Sleyster has completed the standard qualification in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and will shortly complete the level 2 specialist training in applying EMDR to working with children. She has also trained in using the Complex Resource Model, and both models have proven to be effective in the treatment of trauma and anxiety.

Services are developed to individual needs and organisational budgets, and we evaluate our input throughout.

Child Psychology Sussex is dedicated to working in partnership with the Health and Education Authorities, Social Services, Independent Reviewing Officers, CAFCASS, Independent Foster Care Organisations and Residential Care Homes and other statutory and non-statutory organisations to deliver effective support, assessment and therapeutic interventions for looked after children and to help stabilise placements.

Esmoreit Sleyster copyright Carlotta Luke

Therapeutic support services offered to this client group, their carers, professionals and organisations include:

The benefits of our service input are manifold:

    • High quality, evidence-based and relevant interventions
    • Opportunities to evaluate input and placement outcomes
    • Significant added value to a placement package
    • Fewer placement breakdowns and longer placement length
    • Attractive support package when bidding for placements
    • Demonstrated compliance with OFSTED Children’s Homes Regulations Standard 7.12
    • Increased job-satisfaction, staff morale and reduced staff turnover

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