Medico-Legal Work

Dr Sleyster has a broad range of experience in providing comprehensive expert assessments and reports of adolescents in the Secure Estate and in the complex and sensitive area of child care and Care Proceedings in the Family Court.

She can assist the Local Authority, Guardians, Independent Reviewing Officers, Court and parents with an independent expert service that provides assessments and reports, advice and recommendations, and specialist therapeutic interventions.

The medico-legal work may involve assessments of:

  • Children’s emotional world, world view and needs
  • Children’s life-choices and understanding of risk
  • The impact of trauma, neglectful and abusive parenting on children
  • The quality of infant/children/adolescents attachments to siblings and parents/carers
  • Parenting capacity
  • Parents’ reflective abilities, insight and understanding of risk and safeguarding issues
  • Parents’ potential for family change and ability to prioritise the child/adolescent’s needs
  • Risk assessments
  • Care proceedings
  • Placement planning
  • Contact arrangements
  • Fostering and adoption issues
  • Therapeutic need

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